Friday, 25 February 2011

Shop Update: Amazing 50s dresses!

We have added some amazing new stock to our shop including lots of gorgeous 40s and 50s dresses! There are some beautiful gems in different styles and sizes, and lots more to follow soon. Above are a few of my personal favorites. Have a great weekend :)

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fashion wheel Lookbook and fun illustrations

My niece Tia's sketches from a few years back

fashion sketch by fashion wheel” title=
Anyone else have fashion wheel when they were younger? I have vivid memories as a child waking up early on a saturday morning making collages, sketching animals from wildlife books, and playing fashion wheel! I was delighted when my friend Karen brought me the original one I had as a wee girl for my birthday a few years back, I think she found it at a car boot.

Picture of childrens fashion sketch” title=
More of Tia's sketches

fashion sketch by fashion wheel” title=

Whilst trying to organize my desktop the other day I came across a folder of sketches, and a fashion wheel look book me and my gorgeous niece 'Tia' worked on a few years back. They put a huge smile on my face! I love the spontaneity of children's drawings, and of course the choice of rainbow colours! I must admit I do enjoy playing fashion wheel, just as much as I did when I was a kid!

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Monday, 21 February 2011

Out and about in Liverpool

Marisa wearing Vintage 50's coat” title=

Our weekend was pretty laid back, which was great because we'd been working hard recently in the week. Although it went all too quick!

Can't wait for spring, it seems really cold at the moment! Still needing our cosy coats and hats; we strolled into town and had a little nose 'round Oxfam. Marisa stumbled upon a great 'Vintage Princess duffle coat'.

After that we got warm, and had a couple of movie nights in. Got some great food and drink, and saw a Julia Roberts film called "Eat, Pray, Love" which reminded us of our holiday in Bali.

Still loads of new vintage dresses and vintage mens knitwear to come this week!

Ross dancing wearing vintage ensemble” title=

50's Mens Vintage plaid shirt and preppy cardigan” title=

Womens Vintage clothes in oxfam” title=

Old Horror films oxfam” title=

Marisa in Vintage green dufle coat” title=

Ross in white shades” title=

Marisa: Vintage coat, Topshop jeans and ring, Shoes from chairty shop, Vintage tapestry bag 

Ross: Topman coat and jeans, white pumps from Primark, Cardigan from Charity shop, Vintage plaid shirt, Vintage hat

Friday, 18 February 2011

What we wore

It's a little late but this is what me and Ross wore on valentines day. Thought I would add a little red and a few hearts to my outfit for a bit of fun! Ross even wore a little red too! The dress I'm wearing is one I pinched from our store it's been in my wardrobe for sometime now so I would say It's keeper.
Ross wearing vintage flying jacket” title=

Photo of girl wearing 60s vintage empire dress” title=

I  really liked Ross's layered look, the flying jacket he's wearing was a pretty amazing find of mine from Oxfam in Liverpool.

Dress: Vintage from
Boots: Vintage
Jacket: Vintage
Hat: Vintage
Tights: Primark

Coat: Vintage
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Topman
Shoes: Topman
All vintage from The Attic People

I love my new heart tights, been waiting to spot some like this for a while. Was getting kinda bored of wearing my black ones! Does anyone have any recommendations for places to get great tights?  I wear tights almost every day in this cold weather but get very frustrated with them laddering too quickly. These were very cheap so I don't mind so much, but I find I have the same problem with most high street stores - it gets disappointing when you spend almost a tenner on one pair, for them to ladder on you the next day! The nail varnish trick can only last so long I guess...

Sorry for my 'tight' ranting. So the weekend is here now... any good plans? Not sure what we're doing yet, but the unplanned spontaneous ones are usually the best, so we shall see.

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Suno Fall 2011

So NY fashion week is nearly drawing to an end. It's been a busy week for us but I've managed to look through most of the new collections coming through for Fall 2011. I find it quite hectic taking in everything all at once, so I tend to take a rough look through each day, focusing on my favorites. So far Suno has really grabbed my attention as well as Anna Sui; an all time favorite and inspiration of mine. I just love this collection! I am a print designer so the mixed prints, amazing colour palettes and embroideries just do it for me! 

Below is a sneak peek of Suno's trend boards from, a feature called "first look" where designers talk about their inspiration, and offer us a glance into their creative process.

Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis - the geniuses behind Suno describe there collection as being "inspired by old ladies" with Iris Apfel and Gitte-Lee as their muse in mind. There were lots of layered mixed prints, plaid mohair cape coats (with an English countryside accent) and amazing beaded kaftans... gorgeous!

photograph of suno fall 2011 collection inspiration board” Title=

There are still more collections for me to look through but I was too excited not to post about this one. Any favorites so far?... or any you can recommend to take a good look through? I'm looking forward to see what London fashion week brings next!

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentines Day

Ross woke me up with roses and cards
blueberry pancakes on valentines morning” Title=
Delicious Blueberry pancakes for breakfast
Image Name” Title=

Old movies at St Lukes” Title=
An evening at the 'bombed out church' to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Ross and Marisa at St Lukes cinema” Title=

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at tiffanys” Title=

Wine and Roses on Valentines day” Title=
Ending the evening with a yummy meal cooked by Ross and some sparkling rosé.
The Attic People valentines dinner” Title=

Had the best fun-filled & romantic Valentines day ever! Above is a little overview of our day. I was spoilt rotten this year! Thanks Ross xxx.

Hope you all had a great day!!

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Saturday, 12 February 2011

New vintage in The Attic People store...

                              Laura Ashley mini tea dress          70s mini floral tree print dress

        Amazing 60s 70s shearling sheepskin duffle coat         Cropped faux fur coat
                               70s floral ruffle mini dress             70s lace floral mini dress
                                 denim 70s maxi dress                   Polka dot pussy bow mini
                        Darted lipstick red 60s mac coat        40s 50s micro print day dress
model wearing 70s vintage hippie boho maxi dress ” Title=
                 70s Treacy Lowe gauze hippie dress      70s Betty Barclay hippie maxi dress

Hope y'all having a fantastic weekend. It's starting to feel a little more like spring here in Liverpool - although I shouldn't speak too soon! We have new items in the store; some buy it nows and a fair amount of bids starting at just £4.95. Above are some of my favorites, but there is more to see... go check them out at The Attic People Vintage! :)

Posted by: Marisa
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