Sunday, 6 February 2011

Dreaming of a summer holiday...

Attic People at a bali buddhist temple” Title=

With Christmas a long forgotten memory, and now into the 2nd month of the new year; man are we missing summer! Don't know about you guys but we are pining for a holiday. These are some snaps from ours in Bali last year we wanted to share with you.

Attic People at rice fields” Title=

We felt we needed to go somewhere far away from England, somewhere tropical - a different culture. It was our first time to Asia, and Indonesia is certainly different from the UK!

Attic People with clove pickers” Title=

The Balinese people are a peaceful Hindu culture who carry out rituals and offerings to their gods and ancestors. For example; we had just been to bathe in a luxurious natural volcanic spa high up in the mountains of the island... It was a real eye-opener when we we stumbled upon a mass village migration. Our guide told us when someone died in the village every member of the community would come for support and to pay respect. The sense of society and change of perspective we saw throughout our trip was wonderful & refreshing.

A hindu offering of food and tobacco” Title=

Ross & Marisa in bali” Title=

A picture of hindu funeral” Title=

A picture of hindu god” Title=

A photo of balinese fabrics” Title=

A photo of a market in bali” Title=

A photo of ross at traditional balinese meal” Title=

A photo of marisa at balinese sunrise with dolphins” Title=

A photo of the attic people in shadow on beach” Title=

A Photo of blue sky,clouds and airplane flight home ae” Title=

Bali is a magical, colourful and exotic place. Full of culture, their own art & crafts, balmy hot tropical weather and fantastic wildlife. Lizards, birds, monkeys, turtles & dolphins are some of the animals naturally indiginous to the island.

We loved our time there and would recommend it if you wanted this type of holiday. Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

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