Friday, 18 February 2011

What we wore

It's a little late but this is what me and Ross wore on valentines day. Thought I would add a little red and a few hearts to my outfit for a bit of fun! Ross even wore a little red too! The dress I'm wearing is one I pinched from our store it's been in my wardrobe for sometime now so I would say It's keeper.
Ross wearing vintage flying jacket” title=

Photo of girl wearing 60s vintage empire dress” title=

I  really liked Ross's layered look, the flying jacket he's wearing was a pretty amazing find of mine from Oxfam in Liverpool.

Dress: Vintage from
Boots: Vintage
Jacket: Vintage
Hat: Vintage
Tights: Primark

Coat: Vintage
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Topman
Shoes: Topman
All vintage from The Attic People

I love my new heart tights, been waiting to spot some like this for a while. Was getting kinda bored of wearing my black ones! Does anyone have any recommendations for places to get great tights?  I wear tights almost every day in this cold weather but get very frustrated with them laddering too quickly. These were very cheap so I don't mind so much, but I find I have the same problem with most high street stores - it gets disappointing when you spend almost a tenner on one pair, for them to ladder on you the next day! The nail varnish trick can only last so long I guess...

Sorry for my 'tight' ranting. So the weekend is here now... any good plans? Not sure what we're doing yet, but the unplanned spontaneous ones are usually the best, so we shall see.

Posted by: Marisa


  1. i just found your blog!!!! i love it im following!!!
    i love your style. these pictures are amazing!


  2. You two are such an adorable, fashionable couple! If only I could get my mr to wear such a dashing ensemble!

    Please come by and say hello at my blog -


  3. Thanks. You should try ease him into it step by step! x

  4. Hello! You have such an adorable blog and amazing style!
    So glad I stumbled upon it!
    Following already ! :)

  5. Hello beautiful! I love your outfit! Come to my blog and tell me what do you think.. I accept the criticism!
    Excuse my English!



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