Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A flash of vintage colour!

The Attic People vintage” title=
I certainly added a little colour to our East London neighborhood the other week on this grey and blustery 'so called' summer evening. Me and Ross were heading out for a few drinks to celebrate my dear friend Catherine's birthday in Camden.

This colourful dress has been on show in our bedroom for the last year without any loving wear from me. I was going to hem it as I don't tend to wear maxi dresses too often, but I'm glad I left it as I had so many compliments that evening. For some reason it felt right to wear it after a year on my rail... anyone else suffer from clothes neglect? Maybe it was because I never had the right coat to wear over it, or the material is too hot to wear on a warm evening, or I was simply never in the right mood to wear it. But this night was perfect and I enjoyed every minute of wearing this bold statement dress :)
The Attic People vintage” title=
The Attic People vintage” title=
The Attic People vintage” title=
My weekend in Nottingham was special and I had a really good buying trip yesterday so lots of new vintage will be hitting The Attic People Vintage within the next couple of weeks.

Good weekend?

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Collier & Campbell and vintage Liberty prints

As promised here are some photos from the Collier & Campbell exhibition we took last weekend down at the South Bank. As I'm a print designer myself this was a "must see" exhibition for me... and Ross really enjoyed it too. The exhibition was to celebrate 50 years of their wonderful textile designs. These two talented ladies designed iconic prints for the likes of Jaeger, Yves St Laurent, Cacherel, Habitat and Liberty of London prints.

My favourite designs were the earliest prints from the 60s and 70s... very much like some of my own dresses from that period :)
Below: Amazing colour palette's and birds designed in the 70s for Habitat.
Below: Fabrics designed for Liberty of London
I will be leaving Ross this weekend to visit my Sister, Mark and my sweet sweet nephew Louie in Nottingham and monday we have a big buying trip scheduled so expect lots of new vintage soon at The Attic People Vintage soon. Better go pack now!

Have a great weekend my lovely readers :)

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Vintage style dream bike

Vintage bike” title=
Vintage bike” title=

I could quite happily see myself riding around London during the summertime on the wheels of one of these beautiful vintage inspired bikes by Beg. You can also purchase accessories such as baskets and satchel bags too! Not sure if I could justify the price but I would sure like a bike like this. The green is my favourite...what's yours? 

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Monday, 18 July 2011

What we wore: Down the South Bank...

Last weekend when the weather was really nice me and Ross took our first trip (since living here) down to the South Bank. We mainly went down because I wanted to see this textiles exhibition by Collier & Campbell at the National theatre. It was a very inspiring... I took lot's of photos which I will share with you later on in the week!

Besides the exhibition we had such a lovely afternoon/evening strolling alongside the River Thames taking in all the wonderful very touristy sites of London. The atmosphere was very festival like with crowds of people drinking, street artists, food venders, grass areas full with  people chilling, mini drink festivals and of course the much welcomed sun:) 

I'm posting this late as we were ultra busy last week with jam packed freelance work The Attic People ebay auctions, birthday events and  evenings catching up with friends. I never knew we would be able to fit so much into one week... I  think this week will be a little more slow paced. Anyone been to the South Bank? What did you think? I'm not usually a fan of touristy places but I really like this area :)

There are more auctions ending this evening click here to see bids.. they are ending shortly so hurry!

south bank london” title=
The Attic People vintage online” title=
The Soth Bank London” title=
The Attic People vintage” title=
The Attic People vintage” title=
The Attic People vintage” title=

Marisa wearing: The Attic People vintage dress, Vintage leather jacket, Topshop tights, Primark shoes and bag.

Ross weraing: Topman trousers, H&M shirt, primark cardigan, Charity shop shoes.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Prints from the attic

Vintage clothes” title=
The lovely Daria from the wonderful Kittenhood blog regularly runs an exciting post called bloggers collection where she invites her readers into the world of bloggers personal collections. Of course mine would would be printed vintage clothes and accessories! You can see some of my favourite vintage finds from my personal wardrobe and a little more about myself in the article here. I would recommend checking out Darias blog too, one of my new favourites :)

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Navy Hues at Clapton Station...

The Attic People Vintage at clapton station” title=
The Attic People Vintage at clapton station” title=
The Attic People Vintage at clapton station” title=

As you can see Ross took these pictures of me in Clapton Station (our nearest London train connection). They were taken on a busy weekday rush hour morning, this is why I may not look too relaxed in these photos!

I left Ross for a few days last week to visit my family in Ipswich. Right after these photos were taken I hopped on the train to Liverpool Street (for my connection to Ipswich), waved goodbye to Ross through the window and minutes later realized Ross still had my travel bag! Ross managed to just about catch a train to me on time... so all was ok in the end. One lesson we learned is not to try and fit in outfit posts when in a hurry or in a extra busy location! Anyone else ever had any funny, awkward, or stressful situations whilst trying to take photos?

As for navy... Im really enjoying wearing this colour at the moment. I had a fab time visiting my family which included lots of cuddles with my nieces and nephew :)

Dress and bolero: Vintage Bag: Kath Kidston  Socks necklace and ring: Topshop  Shoes: Charity shop

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Suno Resort 2012

Hope your enjoying the weekend! Out of all the 2010 Resort collections Suno is probably one of my favourites. I admire the bold daring prints, the quirky styling and accessories and the fact that the collection has a bright cheerful Hawaiian theme. Any resort collections that stand out for you?

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mulberry A/W 11-12

Mulberry A/W 11-12 from Susie Bubble on Vimeo.

If you haven't already seen this video I would highly recommend checking this out. I discovered this viral over at the talented Susie's Style Bubble. I just love it...what do you think?

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Monday, 4 July 2011

50s vintage floral summer bloom...

Do you have a favourite summer dress in your wardrobe which you can always rely on for a hot summers day? This vintage 50s dress is just that for me! It has such a perfect vibrant summer floral print, with a simple shape, lots of swing and to top it off it's made from cotton. I heart wearing this dress, another keeper from The Attic People vintage :) 

My mum came to visit last week and these photos were taken by Ross up the Kings Road one of my mums old drinking haunt's in the 70s! It was a beautiful summers day with the sun shining, live jazz music playing, cold beers all round and casual shop window browsing. My flat pumps were perfect for all the walking.

We also went to my dear friend Neil's birthday party saturday and contemplated (for hours) going to see Prince at Hop Farm festival on Sunday; we couldn't go in the end, but we're kicking ourselves now after expected raving reviews from our friends!

Vintage 50s dress, bolero, and tapestry bag from The Attic People vintage, Topshop shoes.

Posted by: Marisa
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