Thursday, 31 March 2011

Whimsical sweets...

Sweet tooth anyone? I love to try new sweets. I was one excited girl when I happened to stumble across these meringue mushrooms and acorns on this site the other night! I'm aware of the growing trend for meringues in all flavour's and colours; me and Ross sampled a variety of these in Switzerland a few years back. But these are so whimsical and charming I couldn't help but to share with you. They look so yummy I may have to sample some. They are made by Lori's French Connection Bakery.

Image Description” title=

Image Description” title=

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ben Sandler: Perfectly Retro

How picture perfect are these photos by Paris based photographer Ben Sandler? I discovered his website a few days ago whilst searching for vintage style photographs. I love the perfect hair in place styling, the humor and seemingly dark story behind each picture. Of course the amazing vintage interiors and styling went down a treat. Very Mad Men i would say, what do you think?

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Monday, 28 March 2011

What we wore: A trip to the Albert Docks

Saturday's sky was grey here in Liverpool but we still had a really fun day! We had lots of much needed sleep followed by brunch (eggs in basket, smoked bacon and tomatoes and lots of coffee) then a stroll down to the Albert docks. It's quite touristy on a saturday but this didn't bother us too much. We kind of captured the stroll in these photographs, with some liverpool street art, cafe 36, the one centre (with cherry blossom now in bloom!), and finally the Albert dock itself. 

We had a look around the tate gallery... with a fair amount of time spent reading through all the creative books in the gallery shop. I purchased this fantastic children's book for myself Around the world with mouk, this book has really inspired me! We then bought sweets in the quay confectionery shop and headed back into town. The day ended with yummy burgers at Gourmet burger and beers at Leaf cafe. I also wore my hair in milkmaid braids for the first time ever! Check Tick Tock vintage for a great tutorial.

Ross wearing vintage clothes” title=

Marisa wearing vintage clothes” title=

Ross wearing vintage clothes, sweet shop, buger resturant” title=

Sunday was spent working on our new website followed by an evening watching Cleopatra in tribute of the wonderful Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor. How did you spend your weekend?

Marisa wearing: Vintage dress, bolero and tapestry bag, charity shop denim jacket, Primark shoes and tights, Topshop jewelry

Ross wearing: Vintage shirt and Levis denim jacket, Topman hat and jeans, Primark jumper

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Studio bound...

We have spent a large part of this week in our studio shooting for our new website which is nearly complete! It's been an intense week consisting of shooting our new collection for spring/summer, building our new site, and obsessively listing to Little joy. Whenever me and Ross work on projects together there usually seems to be a band or artist we constantly listen to, which is quite a nice memory to look back on once the project is complete.

Picture of marisa and ross in vintage clothes” title=

Picture of marisa and ross in vintage clothes” title=

Of course we had the time to act silly by dancing and posing in front of the camera for the fun of it. Here are a few of these shots... some of them turned out quite sweet I guess. Any plans over the weekend? 
The sun has been out all week in Liverpool, but of course it disappears over the weekend... typical! I am just about to make brunch then we are going to head out for a wander around town. Maybe a walk around the docks followed by dinner somewhere, we shall see. Have a great weekend all :)

Marisa wearing: Vintage dress, Topshop ring and tights with holes!
Ross wearing: Vintage novelty shirt, Topman jeans, socks- he cannot remember. 

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Looking pretty with a vintage tapestry bag from The Attic People!

Thought we would share these lovely images of Ruby from the wonderful cakies blog looking gorgeous and very well accessorized with one of our tapestry bags she snapped up a few weeks back. Ruby is a very stylish mamma and is blooming with another child on the way! Be sure to have a look at her  blog where she shares with you her fun life with her family, her creativity and some stylish vintage outfit posts.

picture of woman with vintage clotes” title=

picture of woman with vintage clothes” title=

It's been a busy week for us, we have been working extra hard on our soon to be new vintage website! We've had so much fun working creatively together. There have been times of frustration, small strops (mainly by me), and a lack of sleep, but it's all been worth it and we are almost there! I really admire Ross's patience for working out all the complicated web coding etc... thanks Ross :)

We will keep you updated with our progress we should be launching our new website within the next couple of weeks fingers crossed!

We would love to share more images on our blog of those of you who buy our vintage from The Attic People shop. Please email us if you would like to be featured on our blog, we would love to hear from you!

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Monday, 21 March 2011

Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell Vintage dresses...

I recently came across these stunning Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell vintage dresses for sale on the Celia Birtwell website. As a print designer myself I have always been inspired by Celia birtwell's prints which are full of fun and compliment Ossie Clarks beautiful dress shapes amazingly well. I would love to own one of these originals but shall have to stick with my Topshop pieces for now... maybe one day! 

Thought these could be inspirational to many as the 70s are such a strong trend this season... The drawings next to the dresses are the original print designs... so sweet. Any other 70s  designers that inspire you? Or is anyone lucky enough to own an original Ossie Clark dress? Would love to know although I may feel rather jealous!

Apologies for being rather quiet here lately, me and Ross have had a nasty cold all week and only just starting to feel a little better. Our weekend consisted of lots of honey lemon & clove drinks, and movie watching snuggled on the couch... a nice change to do nothing for a while :)

No outfit post to share due to this, but I I'm looking forward to getting myself dressed up again soon!

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A great way to help Japan!

Want to help Japan? The inspirational Ebony Bizys from Hello Sandwich blog is selling  pdf downloads of her beautiful gift wrapping zine book for only $5! You can pay through pay pal and all proceeds will go to Red Cross to help the survivors in Japan. Got mine and I couldn't be happier :)  

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero's gig!

This is what we wore going to the gig. Marisa looked very pretty in her black lace vintage dress and cute bird tights. I went for a bit of layering and wore my red jeans after rediscovering them in the back of my wardrobe.

Vintage Tapestry bag and Black dress” title=

Vintage Sheepskin Jacket, Vintage green plaid shirt” title=

Vintage Black lace dress and tapestry bag” title=

Vintage red pea coat” title=

The Attic People Vintage Clothing” title=

Vintage Trapper hat and Vintage Shearling Jacket” title=

We've been really excited about seeing this band since we've listened to them for so long, and have been part of our experience when we started The Attic People. When Marisa got the email she was wonderfully surprised they where playing in London and at such a great venue.

Vintage burgundy Princess Pea coat” title=

We got off the tube in Waterloo and walked our way through meandering streets and roads. When we got inside the old disused tunnels we were dazzled by the colourful graffiti plastering the walls.

The Moon” title=

After we showed our tickets we were then approached by two fully attired cowboy bandits passing us sweets disguised as something illegal. Then stewardesses welcomed us to Mars, and within a few steps we were amazed to see the moon had been lassoed into the performance space.

Amongst the Burlesque dancing, costumed actors, art pieces and circus acts we moved around soaking it all in. We were so glad we came to see the band here rather than a standard venue.

The Sun” title=

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros by The Attic People Vintage” title=

The Magnetic Zeros” title=

It seemed long whilst in the crowd waiting for the band, and uncomfortable sqeezing into your own tight personal space as the standing area was overflowing with fans. But, when the band arrived it was fantastic! They made their entance through the audience and delivered an electrifying performance.

The band was brilliant and played spontaneously, giving a warm and wonderful array of well loved music. The frontman -Alexander - was one of the best I've seen peering into your eyes as he sang impassioned like a musical preacher. We would definitely recommend seeing these guys live. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Marisa's wearing: Vintage Black Lace dress - from The Attic People, Tights and shoes - Primark, Vintage bag - from The Attic People, Topshop jewellry.

Ross wearing: Vintage : Suede sheepskin jacket, Green Plaid Shirt, Brown Grandad cardigan - from The Attic People, Shoes and Jeans - Topshop.

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Tapestry bag Giveaway!

We are giving away this gorgeous bag over at the wonderful cakies blog. Please follow the link and check out Cakies blog for instructions on how to enter. The giveaway ends tomorrow evening and the winner will be announced on Thursday... go check out the blog quick!

We're excited to be working on our new website today, we're hoping to launch it within the next month, so stay tuned for more information and a great giveaway for our shop opening!

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Monday, 14 March 2011

A day in pictures...

Iphone photos” title=

So me and ross spent the weekend in the Capital where we saw Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros at the old vic tunnels. We had such a great weekend and we both really enjoyed the gig. They were so much fun to watch and full of energy (just as I expected). I had been wanting to see this band for a while and they defiantly did not disappoint. 

The photos are all from Saturday; a little taste of our day from Liverpool to London leading up to the gig. Ross will be writing more about the gig soon with clearer photos, I'm a little obsessed with my iphone apps at the moment! :) 

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Seventies Girl

I have fallen in love with the new Spring/Summer Topshop Collection what do you think? The pretty embroidered denim, printed floral shirts and strappy clog sandals just make me want to jump into summer outfits right now!

I'm loving these wide leg printed pants, they look so stylish and comfy at the same time. Which ones to choose... any favourites?  

We are holding a beautiful tapestry bag giveaway over at the lovely cakies blog, be sure to check it out for a chance to win!

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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Our thoughts and prayers

Were praying for all in Japan at this sad time. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all those effected by this terrible disaster.

New in the shop...

We have lots of new gorgeous items in the shop! Including 40s and 50s dresses, 70s mini and maxi dresses, trench mac coats, and 70s maxi skirts. There are lots more new items in the store so be sure to take a peek :) There are also many items ending tonight including this stunning 50s peter pan collar tuxedo dress and bolero set.

We saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in London last night and they were just amazing! we will be write about this soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Friday, 11 March 2011

Nottingham part 2: A perfect sunday

Ross wearing vintage” title=

Picture of family” title=
Above: Me my sister and mark amazed my my gorgeous nephew, below Nottingham contemporary art gallery and yes the building is made from concrete lace... just wonderful!

Picture of family” title=

Thought we would share some more photos from our Nottingham trip as we had so much fun! These photos were taken last sunday. Our day went something like this: We woke up to a perfect breakfast of ham poached eggs and pastries made by my amazing sister, cuddle time with little louie, a visit to Nottingham contemporary art gallery, afternoon drinkies in the gallery cafe, delicious afternoon tea and cakes, back to my sisters for a roast dinner, more cuddles with Louie and we finished the day by relaxing  and watching The Big Lebowski. It was the most perfect sunday :)

The dress Im wearing has to be a favourite of mine, it has so many gorgeous details. I recently hemmed it and Im so glad because I'm wearing it so much more now.

Any good plans this weekend? Were so excited as were going to see Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros tomorrow in London. Ross has been in London for the last few days visiting a friend so Im pretty excited to see my boy too!

Marisa wearing: Vintage dress, Vintage tapestry bag, Topshop tights and Primark brougues, vintage faux fur coat

Ross wearing: Vintage jumper and shirt, Topman jeans, shoes from Dune

Will leave you with a happy song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, any of you seen them live? 

Posted by: Marisa
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