Our Vintage blog

We love Vintage blogs! We've been inspired by you bloggers for some time now, and been eager to join in. Well here it is finally.

We are a couple currently living together. Our names are Marisa and Ross. We work in fashion design and illustration, and have been running our vintage clothes shop - "The Attic People" for nearly a year now. 

We want to run a vintage blog to share inspiration with you guys!

We'll be writing outfit posts on what we wore, vintage fashion articles on street style, vintage designers, boutiques or brands we love. When we explore new places we'll be writing and posting images from our experiences, and also any interesting things that happen in our everyday life. From time to time we'll post personal art and design work we've created, as well as reviews on films and bands we've seen. We'll also be updating you on new store items, special offers, and give-aways.

We're obsessed with all things vintage. Its been a passion of ours for many years. The clothes at The Attic People, are hand picked by us. We choose items with reference to street style, personal inspiration and current trends to keep up to date and relevant with today's society.

We would love to hear from you and receive comments on our posts or any ideas on what you would like to see on our blog. If you purchase any gems within our store it would be great to do an outfit post on you. Please feel free to email us at atticpeople@yahoo.co.uk !

Posted by: Marisa and Ross
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