Monday, 31 January 2011

What I wore on posting Monday...

Photo of Marisa with Vintage peter pan collar coat” Title=

Today was what I call posting monday. We had massive amounts of bids ending last night so most of today was spent packaging items to be sent across the globe! It's quite exciting wondering who will be receiving our items (almost as exciting as dreaming of who owned them in the first place).

If you ever buy any items from us and would like to be featured on our blog please email us some pictures of you and your purchase. It would be lovely to put faces to the names on the parcels. Aside from the manic packaging, I managed to start preparing some new listings for this Thursday's new shop update.

Photo of Marisa with Vintage Tapestry Bag” Title=
Another tapestry bag from my personal collection.
Image of Attic people What I wore today in Liverpool” Title=

So this is what I wore today whilst on my errands. Ross and I also managed to spend a bit of time on our rooftop as the sun was setting... It's such a nice place to be at that time of day. Although it looks warm the sunlight was very deceiving... It was bitterly cold! The coat I chose to wear today was definitely not warm enough.

Hope you all had a good weekend? Ours was fairly simple and quiet, we enjoyed relaxing, walking, and eating nice food at Gourmet Burger. We will be holding a giveaway soon over at cakies; a fantastic lifestyle blog we are now sponsoring. So be sure to check back soon for more details.

The attic people wearing beret and boots” Title=

Attic people what I wore outfit of Blue Pea coat” Title=

Photos by Ross
Coat: Vintage, (from our stock)
Bag: Vintage tapestry from oxfam
Hat: newlook
Dress: Primark
Top: Vintage (Charity shop)
Tights: topshop
Boots: Vintage( from our stock)

Posted by: Marisa

Sunday, 30 January 2011

New MENS Vintage Items in online store on auction...

MENS vintage pea coat” Title=

Vintage V-neck” Title=

Vintage Jumper” Title=

Mens Vintage Leather Jacket” Title=

MENS Vintage tracksuit tops” Title=

New listings up in store. Many Vintage items up on auction for Menswear and Womenswear,with bids starting at £4.95. Many ending this Sunday. More to come on this next week, along with a great selection of Vintage Tapestry bags up for grabs.

Hope you've had a great weekend so far! We're gonna cosy up and watch Arctic with Bruce Parry on iplayer I think. Really getting into to these programmes! Enjoy the rest of your evening!! :)

Posted by: Ross

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros at the Old Vic Tunnels...

Just got tickets! Marisa got an email for a gig with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (who are also curating the event) at the Old Vic Tunnels!!
Kevin Spacey (see linked article) is artistic director for the venue & has already teamed up with artist Banksy. The performance also includes other bands, artists & film screenings... We're so excited! Been wanting to see these guys for ages. It looks like such a cool place for bands to play.

Posted by: Ross

Picture of Banksy's chimpanzee graffiti” Title=

Picture of Caverns of Old Vic” Title=

Thursday, 27 January 2011

1950's Vintage Horrockses Fashions

Wow! I was really pleased to stumble across this beautiful collection of 50's style fashion pieces in the V&A online shop. These designs have been adapted from 1950's fabrics, designed for Horrockses fashions; one of the most respected ready-to-wear labels of the late 40's and 50's. The prices are pretty reasonable and the prints are so, so pretty... I'm particularly in love with the hankie and tote bag design. I have also just purchased this book from Amazon, I couldn't resist seeing more gorgeous prints, and learning some more about their history! Don't you just think these items would make a perfect gift?

Dress, hankie and purse, adapted from 50's fabric designed for Horrockses in the late 40's and 50's

Below: Scarf, daisy print zip bag and floral stripe tote bag

  Below are some 40's Horrockses designs. Thought it would be nice to show you some originals. Sourced from sheepandchic blog.

Spring 1948 fashion advert
    1947 Patricia Roc ( British movie star) promoting Horrockses
Picture post 1947

Be great to know your thoughts on V&A collection!? I know you can't beat originals but I think they have done a pretty good job. The weekend is nearly here yay!

Posted by: Marisa

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Love for tapestry

Selection of vintage tapestry bags available in our store !

My first vintage tapestry bag was purchased back in 2003 whilst on design placement in New York City. Once me and my friends discovered Chelsea flea market and beacon's closet in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) we were hooked! Since then I have built up a collection of various styles which I like to hang on our bedroom wall...poor Ross!, as well as use them. They are just so beautiful, they just hold so much authenticity and charm.

 I'm very excited to let you know we have a selection of these beauties up for sale in our store. There is a variety of tapestry bags from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Anyone else got a lot of love for them? Be interested to know what your favourite style is?

Posted by: Marisa

Monday, 24 January 2011

Liverpool roaming...

Outside our studio.

We woke early Saturday morning to leave the city, but unfortunately wintery weather prevailed. Our plans for a shoot foiled, we wandered about town & took a few snaps. Marisa looked beautiful in her new dress which she bagged in the sale at Cath Kidson last weekend.

After our hands (all four of them) were numb with cold we went for a cosy lunch at Leaf cafe on bold st & ordered some wonderful piping hot french onion soup & sausage sandwiches. Mmmm!

Poor Marisa had been aching to get her hair done for ages. But was finally able to book her appointment for Sunday, and with the help of her trusty hairdresser wrestled her out of control fringe into submission. 

We saw Black Swan which we both enjoyed but I was glad it was over 'cos I found it so intense! Really good though. Surreal, tragic, fantastical. Natalie Portman deserves credit for her performance - we think!... Recommend a watch!

Hope you all had a good weekend? If you've seen Black Swan be good to know what you thought?

Posted by: Ross

Friday, 21 January 2011

Blue Valentine...

Serenades of You & Me by Penny & the Quarters

We LOVE this film!! Well worth the watch. Especially if you're a couple too. You will both enjoy it.

Dean (Ryan Gosling), & Cindy (Michelle Williams), are a star crossed couple deeply in love. However years into their relationship times are challenging. This film looks back at the magic of their first romance, whilst at the same time showing the lead up to the one night they have to save their rocky marriage.

The story flows like real life, which is further more enhanced by great performances from Gosing & Williams. The cinamatography is edgy and now, and with soundtrack by Grizzly Bear you have nothing to lose.

Posted by: Ross

New in the store...

Variety of 60s, 70s and 80s coats
Dress's from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s

New listings are finally up in the store. Above are a bunch of my favorites, Some gorgeous 50s dress's and a stylish mix of vintage coats. There are many more items in the store, including menswear and bids are starting at just £4.95. We will be adding more over the next week so be sure to check back. 

Cant believe the weekend is almost here already! Its seems like the fastest week ever. Any one have any exciting plans for the weekend? Not sure what were doing yet... I feel like doing something fun, maybe getting out of the city for a bit, Enjoy it whatever you do :)

Posted by: Marisa

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A feeling for flares...

I would describe myself as more of a dress kind of girl, on the odd occasion I may wear jeans with a blouse, but more so skinnies under a dress! Saying this I'm feeling very inspired by all these 70s style flared jeans which are popping up everywhere for spring. I'm particularly fond of these ones from the new mother collection. I love the top pair, the colour is gorgeous and paired with that pretty tucked in sheer blouse, the look is just adorable. My search for the perfect pair shall commence! 

Hope your week is going well? We're half way through our new listings, dont forget to check our store tomorrow evening, it will be full !

Posted by: Marisa

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What we wore today

Today was good. As well as having some errands to run, and photo's to prepare for listings, me and Ross took a little time out. We went out for lunch at the new Leaf Cafe on Bold street (will blog more about this during the week), browsed around town, and had lots of silly fun time whilst taking these outfit posts.

We live right in the centre of Liverpool and have an amazing rooftop above us with an incredible views of the city. Whenever we go up it brings the kids out in us!
I thought Ross looked rather good today in his new carrot trousers I brought him for christmas from Topman. I like the way he styled this outfit and the colour palette.

Our weekend was quite relaxed. We worked a bit during the day, went to the cinema Saturday evening to see Blue Valentine ( Ross will review this soon), which we loved! We spent the rest of the time at home chilling and eating nice food... these weekends are the best! Hope you all had a good one?


Marisa - Dress:Vintage    Tights: Topshop    Boots: Graceland
Ross - Trousers: Topman    Shirt: Vintage    Cardigan: Vintage    Shoes: Charity shop find

Can't wait to finish all our listings, we have some amazing items coming to the store thursday... many of these were extremely hard to let go of!

Posted by: Marisa

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Gigantic (2008)

Happy's father at the mattress store

Father & son enjoying the family tradition of mushrooms in the woods! 

We saw this film the other day & had to share it with you. A great indie romance film by nature of it's story and performances by John Goodman (Al Lolly - Happy's father), Zooey Deschanel (Happy), and Paul Dano ( Brian - 'Little Miss Sunshine')

  Brian is a maudlin mattress salesman lost in a conveyer belt lifestyle. But, with a twist... He's looking out for one all important call;  to let him know his baby is ready for adoption! Having always yearned for a chinese baby, he still has great difficulty aquiring one - patiently he waits.

  Meanwhile - amongst a peppering of attacks from a crazed homeless man - he recieves a visit from a bolshy Al Lolly, who orders the most expensive bed in the store! 

  When 'Happy' comes to pay for her fathers bed the next day life finally changes for them both. Swept up into a love affair their colourful characters spark into fireworks of delight and dillema.

We found this one really quite unique in lot's of ways. Definitely one you'll remember!

Posted by: Ross

Friday, 14 January 2011

A busy week...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, Its been one hectic week! We have been preparing lots of new stock for our store.We will be shooting over the weekend, so hopefully by next thursday our store will be brimming with amazing vintage gems. Thought I would share some images of our studio, and a small peek of our new stock. Hope you all have a great weekend :)

Posted by:Marisa

Friday, 7 January 2011

Marimekko Spring/Summer 2011

January is one of those months when we all need a little pick me up. I have always adored Marimekko and watching this video today definitely put a big smile on my face. I'm not ready to stop winter layering, or wearing my variety of warm vintage coats yet, but seeing this collection made me feel pretty excited for spring/summer dressing.

  Bright and colourful prints, pretty floral summer dresses, breton stripes and simple easy wear shapes; these are all reasons why I love this collection! To top it off the floral garden runway is just beautiful. Any particular spring/Summer collections that inspire you? Hope you all have a great weekend :)

Posted by: Marisa

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Pretty packaging...


As a print designer I get very inspired by different types of packaging, particularly from Asian medicine.  I wanted to share these beautiful images with you. Some friends of mine recently took a trip to Sri Lanka, and when flicking through their photos I found myself captivated by these charming bottles. I'm really fond of these images; the old worn looking printed papers clashing against each other, the small graphic number labels, the vintage asthetic and the mysterious feeling of not knowing what was inside.

These photos were taken in a Sri Lankan ayurreda "pharmacy," situated within a herb garden, where all the ingredients come from. These bottles contain ayurredic oils, Sri Lanka's main practiced and traditional medicine. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Were busy this week preparing lots of new stunning clothes for our store
These should be up for grabs next week!

Posted by: Marisa

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Dedication (2007)

The search for the elusive 'two-eyed' pebble.

The birthplace of 'Marty the Beaver.'

We're definitely a bit slow on the uptake of this film. However if like us you fancy a quirky indie romance film then we'd recommend it.

The film stars Billy Crudup (Almost Famous), Tom Wilkinson (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) & Mandy Moore (Princess Diaries), with a small part for Martin Freeman (The Office).

Henry Roth (Crudup) is a tormented and damaged young writer partnered with Rudy (Wilkinson) an illustrator, equally battered from his own experiences in life. The unlikely pair struggle through day to day existence with the aim to finish a children's book they have a deadline for. 
Their banter, and Henry's odd neurotic rituals are really funny, and also revealing of his dark past. They both find inspiration from similarly unusual places, and Henry's continual flowery reinventions of his philosophy on life stoke the fire of this odd couples relationship.

Enter Lucy (Moore) a young illustrator wrestling with her strange landlady/mother to keep her head above water financially. Hot on her heels is her ex-lover Jeremy (Freeman) - also a writer - enticing Lucy back by wooing her - amongst other things - with the dedication from his new book.

Lucy is pushed by the publisher (Balaban) as the new collaborator for Henry who is forced to reconcile his hostilities toward other people for the sake of the unfinished book. Hereby, slowly and carefully blossoms a romance.

We love this type of movie so if you've got any recommendations for us we'd love to know. If you haven't seen it yet, give it a go it would be great to know what you think!

Posted by: Ross
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