Monday, 28 March 2011

What we wore: A trip to the Albert Docks

Saturday's sky was grey here in Liverpool but we still had a really fun day! We had lots of much needed sleep followed by brunch (eggs in basket, smoked bacon and tomatoes and lots of coffee) then a stroll down to the Albert docks. It's quite touristy on a saturday but this didn't bother us too much. We kind of captured the stroll in these photographs, with some liverpool street art, cafe 36, the one centre (with cherry blossom now in bloom!), and finally the Albert dock itself. 

We had a look around the tate gallery... with a fair amount of time spent reading through all the creative books in the gallery shop. I purchased this fantastic children's book for myself Around the world with mouk, this book has really inspired me! We then bought sweets in the quay confectionery shop and headed back into town. The day ended with yummy burgers at Gourmet burger and beers at Leaf cafe. I also wore my hair in milkmaid braids for the first time ever! Check Tick Tock vintage for a great tutorial.

Ross wearing vintage clothes” title=

Marisa wearing vintage clothes” title=

Ross wearing vintage clothes, sweet shop, buger resturant” title=

Sunday was spent working on our new website followed by an evening watching Cleopatra in tribute of the wonderful Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor. How did you spend your weekend?

Marisa wearing: Vintage dress, bolero and tapestry bag, charity shop denim jacket, Primark shoes and tights, Topshop jewelry

Ross wearing: Vintage shirt and Levis denim jacket, Topman hat and jeans, Primark jumper

Posted by: Marisa


  1. Everytime I try milkmaid braids in my hair something just doesn't look right :( You on the other hand are super adorable in them! xo

  2. Great accessories.
    Love how you mix and match.

  3. really dute :) Love your braided hair here! Actually, I'm trying this hairstyle for myself, too :)

    xx viviane

  4. Thanks for all comments.
    Viviane- Go for it... a perfect look for sumertime.

    Paper doll- Thanks, I didnt think they would look right at first, but pleased in the end! x

  5. this looks like such a lovely weekend. the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom where i live as well and i couldn't be happier - it means that spring is truly on its way!

  6. It was great thanks. Cherry blossom makes me happy, and spring is much needed its been far away for too long!


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