Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mens Vintage Clothes new in store!

Mens Vintage Knitwear,Mens Vintage Norweigian Voss Sweater” title=

Mens Vintage Cardigan,Golf Cardigan,Green,Red,Grey” title=
Mens Vintage Leather Jackets,Black,Green” title=
Mens Vintage Barbour Belstaff Wax Jackets” title=
Mens Vintage Shirts 60s 70s 80s 90s” title=

Many new mens vintage clothes in store at the moment. Just got some Barbour and Belstaff wax jackets in now on sale for best offer! As well as some retro leather jackets now available.

Great selection of mens vintage shirts now in store - denim and plaid short and long sleeved shirts included. I was really happy to find a good selection of Norweigian voss sweaters and cardigans which are also listed now... More to come soon :)

Posted by: Ross


  1. All those jumpers are really cool, love 'em :)

  2. Hi there:)

    You have won "The Versatile Blogger" award from me. I love your blog so mucg! Please visit for more information!

    xx viviane

  3. ohhh i'll have to check these out for my beau!

  4. Thanks, Men can look stylish in vintage too hey!
    Kennedy- Yes you should check our store. Were working on our own website at the moment too!

  5. Love that jacket! I'm still on the hunt for "the one" :) x
    mens fitted leather jackets


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