Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero's gig!

This is what we wore going to the gig. Marisa looked very pretty in her black lace vintage dress and cute bird tights. I went for a bit of layering and wore my red jeans after rediscovering them in the back of my wardrobe.

Vintage Tapestry bag and Black dress” title=

Vintage Sheepskin Jacket, Vintage green plaid shirt” title=

Vintage Black lace dress and tapestry bag” title=

Vintage red pea coat” title=

The Attic People Vintage Clothing” title=

Vintage Trapper hat and Vintage Shearling Jacket” title=

We've been really excited about seeing this band since we've listened to them for so long, and have been part of our experience when we started The Attic People. When Marisa got the email she was wonderfully surprised they where playing in London and at such a great venue.

Vintage burgundy Princess Pea coat” title=

We got off the tube in Waterloo and walked our way through meandering streets and roads. When we got inside the old disused tunnels we were dazzled by the colourful graffiti plastering the walls.

The Moon” title=

After we showed our tickets we were then approached by two fully attired cowboy bandits passing us sweets disguised as something illegal. Then stewardesses welcomed us to Mars, and within a few steps we were amazed to see the moon had been lassoed into the performance space.

Amongst the Burlesque dancing, costumed actors, art pieces and circus acts we moved around soaking it all in. We were so glad we came to see the band here rather than a standard venue.

The Sun” title=

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros by The Attic People Vintage” title=

The Magnetic Zeros” title=

It seemed long whilst in the crowd waiting for the band, and uncomfortable sqeezing into your own tight personal space as the standing area was overflowing with fans. But, when the band arrived it was fantastic! They made their entance through the audience and delivered an electrifying performance.

The band was brilliant and played spontaneously, giving a warm and wonderful array of well loved music. The frontman -Alexander - was one of the best I've seen peering into your eyes as he sang impassioned like a musical preacher. We would definitely recommend seeing these guys live. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Marisa's wearing: Vintage Black Lace dress - from The Attic People, Tights and shoes - Primark, Vintage bag - from The Attic People, Topshop jewellry.

Ross wearing: Vintage : Suede sheepskin jacket, Green Plaid Shirt, Brown Grandad cardigan - from The Attic People, Shoes and Jeans - Topshop.

Posted by: Ross


  1. you guys look great! hope that you had a good time at the show.


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