Monday, 31 January 2011

What I wore on posting Monday...

Photo of Marisa with Vintage peter pan collar coat” Title=

Today was what I call posting monday. We had massive amounts of bids ending last night so most of today was spent packaging items to be sent across the globe! It's quite exciting wondering who will be receiving our items (almost as exciting as dreaming of who owned them in the first place).

If you ever buy any items from us and would like to be featured on our blog please email us some pictures of you and your purchase. It would be lovely to put faces to the names on the parcels. Aside from the manic packaging, I managed to start preparing some new listings for this Thursday's new shop update.

Photo of Marisa with Vintage Tapestry Bag” Title=
Another tapestry bag from my personal collection.
Image of Attic people What I wore today in Liverpool” Title=

So this is what I wore today whilst on my errands. Ross and I also managed to spend a bit of time on our rooftop as the sun was setting... It's such a nice place to be at that time of day. Although it looks warm the sunlight was very deceiving... It was bitterly cold! The coat I chose to wear today was definitely not warm enough.

Hope you all had a good weekend? Ours was fairly simple and quiet, we enjoyed relaxing, walking, and eating nice food at Gourmet Burger. We will be holding a giveaway soon over at cakies; a fantastic lifestyle blog we are now sponsoring. So be sure to check back soon for more details.

The attic people wearing beret and boots” Title=

Attic people what I wore outfit of Blue Pea coat” Title=

Photos by Ross
Coat: Vintage, (from our stock)
Bag: Vintage tapestry from oxfam
Hat: newlook
Dress: Primark
Top: Vintage (Charity shop)
Tights: topshop
Boots: Vintage( from our stock)

Posted by: Marisa


  1. Beautiful photos. Love the bag X

  2. p.s i also linked to you on facebook x

  3. I love this outfit! It's so nice and casual to run errands in. Also, I love your blog.

  4. What a lovely coat! I have a (non-vintage) one in a similar colour, and I have a lot of trouble wearing it sometimes! Gorgeous post.


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