Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Dedication (2007)

The search for the elusive 'two-eyed' pebble.

The birthplace of 'Marty the Beaver.'

We're definitely a bit slow on the uptake of this film. However if like us you fancy a quirky indie romance film then we'd recommend it.

The film stars Billy Crudup (Almost Famous), Tom Wilkinson (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) & Mandy Moore (Princess Diaries), with a small part for Martin Freeman (The Office).

Henry Roth (Crudup) is a tormented and damaged young writer partnered with Rudy (Wilkinson) an illustrator, equally battered from his own experiences in life. The unlikely pair struggle through day to day existence with the aim to finish a children's book they have a deadline for. 
Their banter, and Henry's odd neurotic rituals are really funny, and also revealing of his dark past. They both find inspiration from similarly unusual places, and Henry's continual flowery reinventions of his philosophy on life stoke the fire of this odd couples relationship.

Enter Lucy (Moore) a young illustrator wrestling with her strange landlady/mother to keep her head above water financially. Hot on her heels is her ex-lover Jeremy (Freeman) - also a writer - enticing Lucy back by wooing her - amongst other things - with the dedication from his new book.

Lucy is pushed by the publisher (Balaban) as the new collaborator for Henry who is forced to reconcile his hostilities toward other people for the sake of the unfinished book. Hereby, slowly and carefully blossoms a romance.

We love this type of movie so if you've got any recommendations for us we'd love to know. If you haven't seen it yet, give it a go it would be great to know what you think!

Posted by: Ross


  1. I love Mandy Moore! I want to watch this now:) Thanks for sharing! And thank you for the comment:)

  2. No worries. You should watch it...shes really good in this movie :)


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