Monday, 24 January 2011

Liverpool roaming...

Outside our studio.

We woke early Saturday morning to leave the city, but unfortunately wintery weather prevailed. Our plans for a shoot foiled, we wandered about town & took a few snaps. Marisa looked beautiful in her new dress which she bagged in the sale at Cath Kidson last weekend.

After our hands (all four of them) were numb with cold we went for a cosy lunch at Leaf cafe on bold st & ordered some wonderful piping hot french onion soup & sausage sandwiches. Mmmm!

Poor Marisa had been aching to get her hair done for ages. But was finally able to book her appointment for Sunday, and with the help of her trusty hairdresser wrestled her out of control fringe into submission. 

We saw Black Swan which we both enjoyed but I was glad it was over 'cos I found it so intense! Really good though. Surreal, tragic, fantastical. Natalie Portman deserves credit for her performance - we think!... Recommend a watch!

Hope you all had a good weekend? If you've seen Black Swan be good to know what you thought?

Posted by: Ross


  1. I have that exact same grey suede jacket but it is a longer coat! I never really remember to wear it. Now I think I know needs to be shortend! So happy I got some "me" time on the computer today in order to catch up on some blogs and your photos. :)

    Hoping to go and see Black Swan this Saturday with the husband for date night...really excited.

    Have a great weekend.xo

  2. I have a whole pile of items that need hemming, fixing etc. Feels good once you get round to sorting them out though! Thanks for your comments and have a fab weekend. Think you will enjoy black swan. Were probably going to go out for a few drinkies with friends... its been too long!

    Marisa x


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