Thursday, 27 January 2011

1950's Vintage Horrockses Fashions

Wow! I was really pleased to stumble across this beautiful collection of 50's style fashion pieces in the V&A online shop. These designs have been adapted from 1950's fabrics, designed for Horrockses fashions; one of the most respected ready-to-wear labels of the late 40's and 50's. The prices are pretty reasonable and the prints are so, so pretty... I'm particularly in love with the hankie and tote bag design. I have also just purchased this book from Amazon, I couldn't resist seeing more gorgeous prints, and learning some more about their history! Don't you just think these items would make a perfect gift?

Dress, hankie and purse, adapted from 50's fabric designed for Horrockses in the late 40's and 50's

Below: Scarf, daisy print zip bag and floral stripe tote bag

  Below are some 40's Horrockses designs. Thought it would be nice to show you some originals. Sourced from sheepandchic blog.

Spring 1948 fashion advert
    1947 Patricia Roc ( British movie star) promoting Horrockses
Picture post 1947

Be great to know your thoughts on V&A collection!? I know you can't beat originals but I think they have done a pretty good job. The weekend is nearly here yay!

Posted by: Marisa


  1. love vintage! check it out if you like it follow me i will follow back:)xx

  2. oh wow! love all the floral prints!

    The Flower Girl



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