Sunday, 17 April 2011

What I wore Friday: On one of those days!

photo of marisa wearing vintage dress” title=
These photos were taken on Friday. As mentioned in the title I had one of those days where everything seemed to go wrong! They were small things such as going out to post items and forgetting my purse, not sleeping well the night before, missing a delivery (because the courier did not buzz up to our apartment) and accidently breaking things etc, etc! On the scale of things that are happening in the world I shouldn't complain, but I guess we all have frustrating days like this right?

I had to complete a years worth book keeping for my accountant on friday and Saturday which was grueling (completing a years worth of dreaded numbers and charts at the end of the year was a big mistake). My brain is definitely more powerful on the right creative side! 
Photo of marisa” title=
On the positive side there were some enjoyable moments of the day which included wearing this outfit - a mini 70s vintage dress, vintage cardigan, tapestry bag and floral belt with brogue shoes - and being able to leave the house without needing a coat. Also my wonderful Ross cheering me up by taking me to Leaf (our favourite cafe ) for blooming floral jasmine tea and chocolate cake, and spending the evening watching 70s film French Connection and eating Cadburys mini eggs. Wow... be sure to check the link for cadburys they have such a cute site up at the moment devoted to their easter chocolate.

So after working till 9pm last night all my accounts are now finally out of the way (sigh)! Today will be Marisa and Ross time :) Not sure what were going to do with the day but it will be nice to just relax! Hope your all enjoying your weekend?
Photo of marisa” title=
Photo of marisa in leaf cafe” title=

Photos taken by Ross around Liverpool City centre
Marisa wearing: Vintage 70s dress, vintage wool cardigan, vintage wool hat, vintage floral belt, Topshop tights, Primark Brogues.

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  1. That sounds like a very dreadful day to me too. I work in a bank with numbers and I can totally relate with you. They're so fricken exhausting! At least you got to unwind with blooming tea and cake!

    And I really love that dress you're wearing! It's so cute!

  2. you do colors raelly well.

  3. I love your outfit <3

  4. crunching numbers...blaaaaah! Hope you and Ross have a great day together! xoxo

  5. very cute outfit! I think I need a stylist, I am so bad at putting outfits together!! (oh and now I want to go out and get some mini eggs!)

  6. Beautiful moment with the tea!

    Thank yo so much for your kind comment on my small weather diary!

  7. the print on your dress is just beautiful!

  8. Love your look! Especially the maroon/burgundy tights, they finish it off so nicely :)

    x K


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