Saturday, 23 April 2011

Blue Skies

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Vintage 50's floral dress, Vintage Sunglasses” title=
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Hi it's Ross... It's been a while since I posted. It's been a little hectic last few days. I've just been busy with our new website which we're both now listing away for. We're both really excited!

Yesterday was a great day. The weather was beautiful here hope it was good for you. We had ice creams,drinks in the sun,barbeque, etc,etc. All accompanied by a great rooftop party on our building, and wrapped up with an electrical storm at the end of the day!

It was great to put some summer clothes on! I'd almost forgotten what summer felt like. I got to wear my summer hat which I haven't had a chance to wear since we went to Bali on holiday! Today we're off out to catch up with friends and indulge in the sunshine again!

Marisa wearing: Vintage 50s floral print dress, Sweedish hasbeens clogs, Vintage style glasses: Primark. Vintage Bag

Ross wearing: Topshop hat, T-shirt: Topman, Shorts: Primark, Flippers: Primark

Posted by: Ross


  1. Marisa, that dress is beautiful! I could see myself wearing that one quite a bit!

  2. really a great dress, and I love his strew trilby :)

  3. i love your dress!! you always look soooo stunning!!! and the color of ross' shirts is nice! love it!


  4. i love your dress
    it has the perfect cut!


  5. Nice dress! thnks for the comment :)) i started following your blog already :)

  6. aw thanks for the sweet comment! I"m gad I found you now too because this blog is going to definitely be one of my favorites! I love your dress and I have those same exact shades!! I really need to wear them more. P.S. your hair is perfect =)


  7. Your blog is amazing! Love it!♥

  8. I seriously want to raid your closet - or have you shop for me :)

  9. Ooo I love, love, LOVE your dress!


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