Saturday, 18 December 2010

New in the store...

We have snow here in Liverpool ! It had been falling mainly everywhere else in the country so im pretty excited we finally have some. Think it maybe time for me and Ross to go up on our roof and have a snowball fight.

 As for now we have updated our shop with lots of new items. Here are a few check out our store for more. We also have lots of new amazing stock for the new year including 50s dress's, faux fur coats, winter fur trim coats, 50s/60s stunning tapestry bags, mens pea coats, Leather jackets, knits and lots more.

We have been invited to our friends cottage for a christmas gathering sunday which should be extra christmassy.Today I need to sort some presents ! Hope you have a great weekend :)

Posted by: Marisa

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  1. I LOVE IT! i like your blog! I follow you
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    merry xmass!!


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