Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sweetest vintage note pads...

The Attic People Vintage” title=
The Attic People Vintage” title=

Excuse our lack of posts lately. Last week was spent traveling up and down the country visiting family and sourcing new vintage clothes for The Attic People vintage. I had a wonderful time seeing everyone but It is nice to be back home again.

I will be sure to spend some time over the next few days catching up on your inspiring blogs. I am busy designing prints this week so I will try my best to squeeze some delayed outfit posts from the weekend tomorrow!

As for now how sweet are these notepads? I discovered Miss Book Maker on Etsy a while ago and have meaning to share these pretty note pads which are hand made using vintage children's books, vintage fabrics and some nifty stitching. I use to love making books, folders and stickers when I was a young girl...what did like to make?

Posted by: Marisa


  1. Those are cute notebooks! I love vintage books, like Dick and Jane, and Golden books. It's neat that they can be repurposed when they get all rady on the pages.

  2. love the 2nd notebook..going to check out her store right now.
    glad you had good travels.

  3. they are really so cute :) I think the V&A museum's shop also has some good ones :)


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