Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Inherited vintage clothes

Vintage 50s printed bolero jacket

A few posts back we mentioned I had been given some beautiful vintage clothes from the 50s and 60s from Ross's Nanna whilst we were visiting family in Birmingham for the weekend. So here are a few of them I wanted to share... The 1950's bolero above and printed 50s cotton the dress below are so pretty. Ross's nanna is hoping to find me the dress to match the bolero on our next visit! Im already thinking about how I can incorporate the fabulous 40s sailor blouse into my winter wardrobe :) 

Would love to hear any of your stories relating to inherited vintage clothing or anything vintage? 
Vintage 40s sailor blouse
Vintage 40s fitted jacket

We are in the middle of filling The Attic People Vintage with lots of new vintage gems so be sure to check out the shop over the next couple of week's.

Posted by: Marisa


  1. Such lovely outfits! The fifties dress is so cute! I have a black crochet style top from my grandmother, I'm not sure what era it's from exactly. x

  2. that 50's gingham rose dress is amazing! So lovely to see the garments ross's grandma gave you. She certainly was a stylin lady. It must run in the family.

  3. The 50's dress is so pretty!

  4. Love the bow on the back of the jacket... so sweet!

  5. These pieces are so beautiful, you are very lucky! The sailor blouse is lovely.


  6. Oh my goodness, I am dying here!!! Each and every one of those pieces is stunning. Wow..seriously, I am in awe. How completely special to have inherited these. I have little burgundy lace up ankle boots from my grandmother...pretty old I believe. They were in near perfect condition, but I'm told she traveled across the US with my grandfather and took these w/ her.

  7. such pretty vintage :) so excited when you commented on my blog, i love your store!! i actually found it a while back and showed one of my guy friends who was super enthusiastic about it :)

    <3 steffy

  8. Thanks all for comments!

    Marisa... Thanks I was pretty lucky. The boots sound wonderful and such a great story traveling through the USA!

    Steffys... Thabks love your blog! Glad you and friend like our store, I'ts still a work in progress but were getting there juggling it with our design work to :)

  9. These whole collection of vintage dresses ae a dream!


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