Sunday, 10 July 2011

Suno Resort 2012

Hope your enjoying the weekend! Out of all the 2010 Resort collections Suno is probably one of my favourites. I admire the bold daring prints, the quirky styling and accessories and the fact that the collection has a bright cheerful Hawaiian theme. Any resort collections that stand out for you?

Posted by: Marisa


  1. I love the resort collections! <3 The last one is especially my favourite!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. Thank-you for the comment my lovely, these patterns are amazing. I love the whole clashing pattern look although I'm never too sure if I can pull some of them off, maybe not in my small hometown xx

  3. Aww, these are great looks! I think I like the third one the best- those shorts are a lovely pattern :) It's so funny how the stylist paired everything with black socks, which might seem strange or touristy, but the model makes them look cute!

  4. Beautiful! In summer I just can't get enough of stunning bright coloured fabrics.

  5. these are sort of amazing


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