Friday, 22 July 2011

Collier & Campbell and vintage Liberty prints

As promised here are some photos from the Collier & Campbell exhibition we took last weekend down at the South Bank. As I'm a print designer myself this was a "must see" exhibition for me... and Ross really enjoyed it too. The exhibition was to celebrate 50 years of their wonderful textile designs. These two talented ladies designed iconic prints for the likes of Jaeger, Yves St Laurent, Cacherel, Habitat and Liberty of London prints.

My favourite designs were the earliest prints from the 60s and 70s... very much like some of my own dresses from that period :)
Below: Amazing colour palette's and birds designed in the 70s for Habitat.
Below: Fabrics designed for Liberty of London
I will be leaving Ross this weekend to visit my Sister, Mark and my sweet sweet nephew Louie in Nottingham and monday we have a big buying trip scheduled so expect lots of new vintage soon at The Attic People Vintage soon. Better go pack now!

Have a great weekend my lovely readers :)

Posted by: Marisa


  1. oh wow! that would have been SO neat to see in person. it looks like they had so many lovely prints. and you look adorable. duh ;)

  2. this must be your heaven, with all the pretty prints :)

  3. those are crazy crazy amazing designs. gosh, i can imagine your delight as you saw them. now i totally wanna visit an exhibit or even just an art museum now. i miss doing that.

    can't wait to see all the new vintage!

  4. awesome post, but even awesome-errrr outfit! i love your whole vibe! hope you can stop by my blog for some +vibes and inspiration :) XO

  5. What a neat exhibit! I'd love to see the prints up close and personal. And you're looking lovely in the light blue floral dress.

  6. I love all the prints! This reminds me of hanging around the art department when my dad worked in fabric manufacture. He's been in the fashion biz my whole life. So fun!

  7. really a great outfit and I absolutely love the Liberty designs. Really a great exhabition :)

  8. this is seriously so amazing. and you, of course, look darling. xo.

  9. Those prints are so beautiful - I'm slightly obsessed with Liberty print - I have the fabric on a lamp and on oilcloth for my kitchen table!

    Its great that you went to this exhibition at Southbank, I really should make more notes of what's going on in my home town and get out of my weekend routine!



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