Thursday, 18 November 2010

East London wandering

Jacket: Vintage   Hat: Vintage   Tights: Topshop    Boots: Market

 I went down to London last weekend to catch up with some dear friends of mine. The weekend was pretty chilled... full of wandering around London's East end, drinking cocktails, sunday lunch roasts and lots of nattering. Although London is only a couple of hours on the train I must admit I do not visit enough, maybe this is because me and Ross are planning to move there soon !

I caught a very early train on the saturday morning and headed straight to my friend Neil's in Stoke Newington (East London). We had breakfast, and headed out. I love the fact there is so much going on in London, you can walk down the street and come across unexpected things that just brighten up your day. We started off by visiting a small local flea market followed a long walk through Dalston, Hackney, Brick lane through to Shoreditch. We Spent a fair amount of time at the vibrant Broadway Market where we rummaged through vintage clothes, had mint lamb burgers for lunch and browsed through magical book shops. 

We visited charming Hackney farm and came across the The Powder Room which is a vintage style beauty parlor (which will be sure to appear on my birthday list in the future). There's lots of creativity around East London with amazing street art, small boutiques, quirky cafes and art gallery's. We rounded off the afternoon with tea and cake which couldn't have been more perfect as my feet were pretty sore by this point !

 I moved to London in 2005 after graduating for six months and was actually born there, so being back in London again was wonderful. I left feeling highly inspired and very itchy for me and Ross to get there very soon. I hope you enjoy the photos... get to East London if you haven't been! You'll be sure to find lots of surprises. :)

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